The 11th annual Tournament of Aces took place up at the Links of Glen Eagles on Sept. 29 and it was one that celebrated a milestone for the tournament as well as a bit of change.

“This was officially the change over year where the Rotary Club of Cochrane was handling the tournament with more mentoring from the Kimmett family with Kelly and Dianne being sort of involved in the background,” said chairman of the Rotary Club Glen Gryzko.

“We certainly needed their help when we got into the latter part of preparation for this and in the last month they were more than helpful. We have our partners in this from the Cochrane Search and Rescue, who were more beneficiaries in the past but they took on a bigger role and will do so in the future as well.

“The main difference this year is the organization that was organizing and preparing for it.”

The tournament provides an opportunity for those involved to honour the memory of Lindsay Leigh Kimmett, who was killed in an automobile accident. Each year, funds are raised for several causes, and this year included the Variety Club of Calgary project to help redevelop the East End’s Centennial Park playground to make it fully accessible for all children to enjoy, legacy funding to the Lindsay Kimmett Memorial Foundation, while the remaining 25 per cent is split between Cochrane Search and Rescue and the Rotary Club of Cochrane for organizing the event, which will go toward community projects.

The tournament, which had just over 170 golfers, raised nearly $80,000 over the course of the event, similiar to last year’s tally.


Story by Troy Durrell/Cochrane Eagle


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