New Generations



  • To promote and maintain healthy relationships with the schools and school boards that support our Youth Programming.
  • To continue to support the yearly long term exchange student, inbound as well as outbound.
  • To get our local youth involved in the Club community service and international projects.

Cochrane Youth Talent Festival

The Cochrane Rotary Youth Festival runs under the umbrella of the Cochrane Rotary and has been a vehicle for thousands of young people to gain performance skills and opportunities in a safe and supportive atmosphere. At its inception, the festival featured vocal, instrumental and dance performances. Then the festival strengthened its focus on vocal and instrumental performance, while providing opportunity for presentation in the areas of musical theatre, speech, bands, composition and the growing category of visual arts. This festival is a non-profit activity. The organizing committee is made up of volunteers from the community. It showcases creative excellence in performing arts, and the focus is to encourage quality and healthy performance in an inspiring atmosphere.

Dates:   February 3, 4, & 5 2019  / FINALE February 8, 2019
Rotarian Contact: Cyndie Baum